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How to improve the basic work of the intermediate frequency furnace

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How to improve the basic work of the intermediate frequency furnace


In recent years, the application of medium frequency furnace ramming has developed rapidly. Many factories, research institutes and schools are in use. Especially the production of precision casting and high alloy steel castings is more extensive. How to improve the furnace age is very concerned. Things to improve the age of the intermediate frequency furnace is a systematic project, and must do the following work:

1. Preparations in the early stage: The preparatory work in the early stage is very important, mainly including two aspects. First, according to the nature of the task, that is, the output, scale, site and metal smelting environment requirements to select the appropriate furnace type, in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency; second, to carefully clean the selected equipment, materials, production environment, Eliminate possible hidden dangers. Including electrical systems, water-cooled circulation systems, induction coils, insulation materials, refractory inspection and treatment.

2. Formulate strict furnace building technology, furnace building operation rules and oven sintering process: As described above, the furnace building process and oven sintering have a significant impact on the furnace age, and specific furnaces must be established for the selected furnace type. Process, furnace operation rules and oven sintering process. The seriousness of implementing the process rules must be emphasized here, as this is an important basis for improving the basic work of the furnace age and accumulating experience and summarizing improvements.

3. Maintenance: Although the furnace age of induction furnace mainly depends on refractory materials, furnace construction and oven sintering process, operation, maintenance and on-site management also play an important role. For example: feeding method, charge composition, electric furnace working temperature, work shift, cold furnace condition, repair furnace repair situation, etc.

Once the lining is eroded and cracked, it must stop and be overhauled. When the furnace is dismantled, most of the conditions during the service of the furnace can be analyzed from the section of the furnace lining. A sample can be taken at the bottom of the furnace, on the upper, middle and lower parts of the furnace wall, collected, and recorded, carefully observed and analyzed to find out the cause. Suggesting improvement methods will greatly help to improve the furnace age.


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