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Analysis of basic related knowledge of magnesium brick

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Analysis of basic related knowledge of magnesium brick


Magnesia brick is a very popular product on the market, and it is also a popular product. When making this product, the magnesia brick manufacturer needs to prepare some relatively high-purity materials, for example, the purity is 9%. More than ten kinds of magnesium oxide, which requires very high purity, and the main material for making this product is mainly made of periclase, which is an alkaline and very refractory material.

And our magnesia bricks have a relatively clear distribution, which is generally divided into sintered magnesium bricks and chemically combined magnesium bricks. These two types of magnesia bricks can be said to have purity and the like. The larger ones are different in the market, and apart from these two types, they are divided into magnesium bricks that are directly combined, and fused and recombined magnesium bricks.

The role of magnesia bricks in the market can be said to be relatively large, because this product has a very good fire resistance, in addition to good fire resistance, it also has very good alkali resistance and slag properties. It can be said that the characteristics are more, so the use is more common, and the production of this product can be said to require a lot of procedures. It is also very cautious in the production process.

Sintered magnesia bricks need to use a brick and magnesia brick as raw material, and after the raw materials are needed, a series of work, such as crushing, compounding, and mixing, and molding steps are required. These steps are all Very important, it is an important step to determine the quality and shape of the magnesia bricks, so it is necessary for the staff to take it very seriously. Of course, the quality of the raw materials is also very important.

As a product with special properties, magnesia bricks are naturally very popular in the market, because they can be applied perfectly in many places, so naturally, the fame is relatively large, various kinds of magnesia bricks. The advantage is that it is one of the strong driving forces that can be developed in the market. Nowadays, the working field of this product is very much.

According to professional data surveys, in the Chinese market, the majority of the working areas of magnesia bricks are required. The bottoms of various electric furnaces also have furnace walls, furnace bottoms, and furnace walls. There are lattice bricks used in our glass kiln regenerators, all of which require the application of magnesia bricks. The good refractory and slag resistance of magnesia bricks and the alkali resistance are essential for these fields of work. Indispensable, because doing these jobs just needs these properties as the most basic supporting force.

Regardless of the product, as long as the product is widely used in the market, the development prospect of this product in the market is relatively good. After all, there is a certain relationship between the two. Relatively, and our magnesium brick products are naturally the same. When magnesium bricks are produced, the content of magnesium oxide is basically 90% or even higher. In order to better guarantee the performance of all aspects of this product.

The development prospects of this product in the market can be said to be very good. For this, I believe that the market is well-known. Now the magnesium brick products on the market can be said to be more, and the application is also very The wide range, the annual sales volume is very high, and I believe that with the continuous development of the market, this product will certainly be able to develop better and better, and truly become a giant in the market.


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