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Refractoriness analysis of magnesia brick

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Refractoriness analysis of magnesia brick


The use of magnesia bricks can be said to be relatively extensive, and it can be applied very well in many cases. This is a very important product in the current market because it needs to be used in many places. Magnesia brick manufacturers and magnesium bricks such products are so popular in the market and its various characteristics are also inextricably linked.

For example, magnesia bricks have very good refractoriness and because the materials used to make them are very alkaline, this product can be said to have other products and there is no way to compare them. Alkali resistance, and slag properties, and the temperature is relatively high at the beginning of the softening of the packing. Although this product has a small shortcoming with poor thermal shock resistance, it is a small defect compared to its strong advantages. It can be said that it is nothing at all.


It is also because of the characteristics of the magnesia brick, so that the magnesia brick product is more common in some special work, such as the steel-making alkaline flat furnace and the non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, as well as various calcined magnesium. There are so many applications in bricks, basically these places are made using magnesia bricks. Because these places can be said to have relatively special performance, it is necessary to use some special bricks to make these places, so as to ensure that these areas of work can work very well, and magnesia bricks are very good one. A product that can be applied to these places.

It is necessary to know that the production of magnesia bricks has undergone a very strict variety of procedures. The pre-production work will not be mentioned. After the product is formed, the firing temperature of ordinary magnesia bricks reaches 1550 ° C to 1600. °C and if it is a relatively high quality magnesia brick, its firing temperature is even higher than 1750 ° C or even above this temperature, which is a perfect illustration, magnesium brick can be very good in these areas of work Work.


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