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Yingkou Nanlou Dongtai Refractory Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in medium frequency furnace knotting, medium frequency diathermic furnace splicing, diathermic furnace splicing, intermediate frequency furnace melting copper splicing, medium frequency furnace melting aluminum splicing, intermediate frequency Furnace induction coil cement, medium frequency furnace repair furnace material, power frequency furnace pouring material, power frequency furnace melting copper pouring material, medium frequency furnace melting aluminum furnace pouring material, medium frequency furnace melting zinc casting material. Magnesia-calcium brick: aod furnace magnesia-calcium brick. Magnesia carbon brick: ladle magnesia carbon brick, electric furnace magnesia carbon brick, converter magnesia carbon brick, electric arc furnace magnesia carbon brick, integral tapping casing magnesia carbon brick, magnesia chrome brick: magnesia chrome brick for glass kiln, magnesium for cement kiln Magnesia chrome bricks for chrome bricks and ladle, magnesia chrome bricks for electric furnaces. The company specializes in the production and processing of high-iron magnesium-calcium strontium and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.




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